Commodity Forwarders brings in farmed salmon from Canada, Chile and Europe (Faroes Islands, Norway and Scotland) and farmed tilapia filets from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras and Mexico into all CFI locations. Los Angeles receives fresh fish and shellfish from New Zealand and the South Pacific. CFI also offers handling services to those who bring in wild salmon from Alaska or farmed salmon from places like Canada, Chile and Europe.

We start each year with Alaskan cod season in January which is air freighted from Alaska and Pacific Northwest all over the USA. In February, we move live lobsters in time for Valentine’s Day. March finds us participating in North America’s largest show, Seafood Expo. In the late spring it’s salmon season and continues through the summer. We move tons more during National Seafood Month in October and Dungeness crab in December. CFI has a solution for every seafood situation.

CFI has made a significant investment in flake ice machines at many of our stations. We are breaking away from the industry standard of the traditional cubed ice which is harmful to fillets and whole fish.

Wild Alaskan salmon season starts off with Copper River Sockeye and King Salmon and runs into the summer with Coho, Keta and Pink Salmon openings and runs, always giving you the freshest catches available.

November and December are all about Dungeness crab, first from Northern California and later from Oregon and Washington straight to you, from CFI.

CFI ships wild caught albacore tuna, mahi mahi, tuna (big eye, blue fin, yellowfin), and swordfish imported into LAX year round from Mexico, Central America, South America and the South Pacific.