Proteins & Dairy

Proteins and dairy are considered higher value food items. This means additional scrutiny handling these commodities. CFI is well versed in the remarkably complex documentation requirements for exporting to global destinations. CFI is also knowledgeable as to the specific verbiage that must be both on the respective documents and the labels affixed to the product. No two protein commodities can be approached in the same manner when packing them for transit. To ensure the products arrives conforming to temperature requirements, we take into account the commodity, quantity, weight, transit time, global destination, the carriers refrigeration capacity and destination requirements. We are also keenly aware and pay attention to the documentation and seal requirements for containers or packaging to meet local regulatory requirements.

Depending on the protein, there are certain ports of entry we avoid as Customs is unfamiliar with the clearance and there is limited refrigeration available. Being aware of these dynamics prior to shipment avoids rejection upon arrival, additional costs at the destination and expensive fines.

CFI pays attention to the ingredients that are contained in certain protein items. Awareness of these ingredients can influence what documents should or should not accompany certain shipments or whether the importer of record is even permitted or authorized to receive the product.

Our organization’s objective is to qualify the items we send overseas. We realize that we are representative of our client’s global brand. If we do not properly pack the shipment for transit, ensure the documentation is accurate, the labels are correct and take other factors into consideration, we can potentially compromise their strategic objectives.

Depending on the shipping lane, some commodities cannot transit certain countries. Regulations and requirements continuously change and our staff monitors these changes to be proactive and ensure our client’s products are not refused upon arrival. In essence, Commodity Forwarders is privy to the nuances associated with exporting proteins to ensure there are no issues when the product arrives at its destination.