Cherries are a unique item as they ship to a wide assortment of countries including China, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and other countries straight from the United States. In relation to other types of fruit, cherries are an exceptionally high value commodity. They have a short season and equally short shelf-life and it is vital to monitor them throughout the cool chain to preserve their value. As CFI works with growers all over the country to provide cherries around the world, we’ve developed a proprietary, managed process setting the benchmark for quality on store shelves both domestically and overseas in established and new and developing markets.

CFI Perishables was an early pioneer in exporting cherries to China. We are continuing that tradition by utilizing our broad network of strategic partnerships to secure the equipment and capacity needed to ensure cherries arrive in excellent condition.

As cherries aren’t available all year, we see excitement build as the first shipments are ripened and it’s our business to make sure those cherries are the freshest, plumpest possible. By ensuring shipments are chilled immediately after harvest andfollowing strict quality control along the journey, cherries can keep their harvest flavor all the way from farm to table.

Though cherries are not sensitive to chilling temperatures, it is important to have them in the retail market as quickly as possible after harvesting for optimum freshness and quality. With each passing day the fruit loses a portion of its peak value for the grower or seller. CFI offers refrigerated and atmospheric-controlled containers that puts the fruit to sleep so it arrives as fresh as when it left the U.S.

California’s cherry season starts in mid-April and lasts until June, barely overlapping the Washington season that runs from mid-June until late August. California cherries set the standard for the fruit in the market and must reach store shelves as fast as possible. The better the initial shipments of cherries look, the higher sales are expected to be as consumers consistently return to retailers all summer.