Commodity Forwarders provides the latest technology to assist in your shipments. From real time tracking, 24/7 customer service, temperature monitoring sensors and shipment transparency, we use technology to give you peace of mind. Logistics is, at its core, about information. Moving cargo, even perishable cargo, is a broad industry and at the end of the day, we’re providing a service. That service is to communicate with our clients to make sure their cargo arrives on time and in pristine condition. We take away the worry of temperature excursions as our cargo proceeds across your supply chain. Up to date, clear and correct information is our promise and the technology we use is second to none.

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Live warehousing updates

Live warehousing updates as cargo arrives, takes the worry away from clients when they can see their products are safe, sanitary and held in the proper temps.

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24/7 access

CFI has 24/7 access and monitoring with customer service support which means our cargo is never out of customer's sight and temperature excursions are a thing of the past.

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Complete shipment tracking

Complete shipment tracking, with real time updates from door to door provides transparency to your supply line with CFI.

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Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind with CFI. Your cargo is safe, sanitary and on time, in real time when you need it, wherever you need it.