There’s no way around it.

Sustainability is an extremely urgent and universal concern.
We can no longer put off our efforts to fight the climate crisis. The time to act is now.

2021 Impact Award - 2nd Place


Project Cost


LADWP Rebate


Net Cost


Annual Savings

772,000 kwH

Energy Savings



Sustainable Fuel Options

Kuehne+Nagel was the first air logistics provider to offer its customers the option to purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for each shipment and thus instantly avoid carbon emissions. With the offering, all Kuehne+Nagel customers can easily opt for SAF to be used instead of fossil fuel for air transport and benefit from net zero carbon emissions air freight services – regardless of airlines used, origin or destination. As SAF still produces some CO2 emissions, carbon neutrality is achieved by substituting each litre of jet fuel kerosene used with 1.33 litres of SAF.


The reduction and elimination of perishable waste is a top priority for CFI. From our cutting edge overpack technology to our commitment to reducing packing waste and choosing sustainable options wherever we can, our dedication to protecting the temperature integrity of your perishable cargo is unparalleled. Every year we dedicate ourselves as stewards of the planet and it’s perishable foods, to ensuring we do everything in our power to help in the fight against climate change. The links below are our latest discussions on how we are growing in our commitment to sustainability and supporting our planet.

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