Ocean Freight

Commodity Forwarders Inc. has established ourselves as a major force with many steamship lines to ensure your cargo arrives on-time and in pristine condition. Ocean cargo has a notoriously long transit time, but we take the transit into consideration as half of the shelf life must be left on the product when it arrives at the port. As a result, the following is taken into consideration on our ocean cargo: temperature requirement, port of export, destination port, and transit time.

CFI uses controlled atmosphere which is the process of environmentally controlling the atmosphere in the ocean container to prolong the product’s shelf life. This is achieved through reduction of respiration which inhibits the ripening process, reduces susceptibility to chilling injury, has less weight loss and reduces dark spots on the product. This process extends the shelf life of the product which, along with a more uniform color and firmness, translates into higher prices at the store level.

Our organization’s objective is to qualify the items we send overseas. We realize that we are representative of our client’s global brand. If we do not properly pack the shipment for transit, ensure the documentation is accurate, the labels are correct, and take other factors into consideration we can potentially compromise their strategic objectives. Those objectives are of paramount importance and we utilize the latest technology, constant status updates and our lengthy track record of excellence to see the voyage completed successfully.

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Consolidated Cargo

Don't have enough cargo for a full container? CFI offers consolidated ocean freight so you get the space you need, and none of the space you don't.

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Tracking & Information

We are a service industry and at our heart is information. CFI offers 24/7 tracking updates, temperature monitors and real time information on your shipments.

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Customs Support

Customs is complicated. CFI is here every step of the way to help you move cargo without costly delays and mistakes. With our expert overseas agents, we help you avoid problems before they happen.

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Overseas Agents

We're only as strong as our weakest links. At CFI we value our overseas partners and spend years crafting strong relationships so our customers can rest easy that even when cargo leaves our shores, it's still protected by CFI and our partners.

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