Honolulu, Hawaii

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Our anchor location for the Hawaiian market, CFI Honolulu is our largest station by square footage, trucking power and personnel. Located on the Island of O’ahu, Honolulu is home to nearly a million residents and an equal number of tourists year round. Honolulu is considered to be the most southern and western city of it’s size within the United States

We are a scant 1.5 miles from Honolulu International Airport and have a total of 21,000 ft2 of warehousing accessible by eight dock-high doors, one street level ramp and easy access for tractor trailers carrying 20′ or 40′ ocean containers or 48′ or 53′ refrigerated trailers. 2,800 Square foot office space.


18,500 square feet of refrigeration, 1,500 square feet of pre-cool, forced air and 2,000 square feet of freezer space with a total capacity of 600 pallets. CFI Honolulu accommodates the needs of government inspections agencies including USDA’s PPQ and APHIS.


Ten vehicles: Two 24′ refrigerated trucks, Three 18′ refrigerated trucks, Two 22′ flatbeds, one 20′ flatbed and two refrigerated cargo vans. The warehouse has six forklifts and four electric pallet jacks.


55 employees, including 10 office and 45 warehouse personnel.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Honolulu, Hawaii

2312 Kamehameha Highway, Building B
Honolulu, HI 96819
p: (808) 833-0043
f: (808) 833-2308

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